Knife Awareness & Defence Workshop


Stay Safe UK and Stay Safe Worldwide offer 'One Session'  Knife and Edged Weapons Defensive Skills workshops in London every Friday throughout June and July

No lasting sign up just the skills you need to Stay Safe

“Thank you to Nick Martin from Stay Safe UK for the very clear, and practical information yesterday on how to deal with a knife attack. I would highly recommend the course to everybody as the no nonsense approach and techniques actually work.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to comprehensive and inclusive programs focused on safety, well-being, confidence, danger recognition, and pre-awareness strategies, and in light of recent events in London, Stay Safe UK and Stay Safe Worldwide will be running its Knife and Edged Weapons Defensive Skills and Awareness courses in London.

It is natural to be concerned, perhaps even fearful, of the sheer unpredictability of the recent terror attacks. However, by taking the time to learn simple awareness and distance skills, and some basic knife defense, you equip yourself with knowledge to be able to move about your daily life more confidently, knowing you are more aware and better prepared.

Stay Safe is committed to providing practical, real-life skills designed to help everyone feel more protected, and more confident in their own ability to avoid dangerous situations.

Courses will be running at

Grace Church Street, (Monument)

Fitness First

55 Gracechurch Street
EC3V 0EE London


Every Friday throughout June and July at 6pm

Cost is £55 and space is limited so must be booked in advance at

Our edged weapons workshop covers:

Distance awareness and Control

The use of equalizers

Protection of vital organs

Weapon containment

Locks and holds