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Welcome to Stay Safe UK

Since 2007 when we were commissioned by a National Lottery funded scheme to go into secondary schools in order to teach self defense classes to girls ages 14 to 16. Stay Safe UK has continually strived to become one of the most recognisable and trusted providers of personal safety training in the UK. With professional courses covering a wide range of safety topics (see our contents page for more details) we are committed to educating and empowering everyone to feel safer in all aspects of their and their children’s’ lives.

Staying safe is much more than mealy a set of physical skills. Physical confrontation should always be the last resort and while simple, effective defense skills are an important any trusted self-protection plan must be founded on more.  Awareness skills and the ability to regognise danger signals in people and situations are your best weapons in order to avoid physical confrontation and stay safe.

Over the years we have established links with domestic violence organisations, schools and cyber safety organizations and we are born and we pride ourselves on providing a highly effective and comprehensive approach to all aspects personal safety.